The Rocket Rower XSQ

The Rocket Rower XSQ

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Get a Rocket Rower XSQ ... at just a few cents a day for rocketing through your work with quick intervals of cardio, a way better deal than coffee or snacks!

Here's more about the Rocket Rower:

It is a rowing machine distilled to its essence, in wood. 

The oar/resistance band:  Each order of a Rocket Rower includes a single 5' light resistance tube.  (The water bottle is not included.)  You can order additional and heavier resistance tubes and other accessories on the Accessories page. 

Simplicity = Power:  Can simple things be powerful?  Absolutely.  Think of the "step" that is used in aerobic classes and homes around the world, and the jump rope.  No power cords, screens, plastic, apps or batteries. 

You and your health are more than worth it!  The price amounts to only a few cents per row when you use your Rocket Rower for even 3 short intervals a day over a year.  That's a few cents of good for yourself and for all the people you love!

Quantity/Discounts.  If you want to purchase a number of Rocket Rowers, such as for a group of employees, please use the contact us form to discuss pricing and shipping options.  Businesses may expense the cost of Rocket Rowers!

We support the National Park Service Foundation:

We will donate $1.00 to the National Park Service Foundation for each Rocket Rower purchased.  The National Parks are an amazing treasure passed down to us, and a beautiful legacy we can help pass down to future generations.

We will ship your Rocket Rower to you as fast as possible. It might go out the same day, or it might take us an extra few days because they are each uniquely hand-crafted.

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