The Rocket 3-5-60 Diet

Introducing the Rocket 3-5-60 Diet!

This diet is all about motion. That may sound a bit disconnected, but it isn't. The idea is that the more we all move regularly throughout our day, the more our bodies will direct us to healthy eating. 

All we have to do is (1) move more throughout each day, and (2) have healthy food options available. 

As we move more throughout each day, even short little bits of motion, our experience is that our bodies literally start telling us that they want to eat healthy foods and in healthy amounts. You'll be able to have carrots and chips in front of you, and your body will want the carrots, and not the chips.

Think of the world that wants us to sit all day as essentially a conspiracy against our health, physical and mental. The tv screens, laptops and desktops all have us sitting in front of them, and the apps and content on them draw us into sitting even more.  At the same time, the perfect foods for sitting are sugary sodas, and fatty and salty chips and all the other foods that are disastrously bad for our health. The combination is even worse: sitting and foods that go with sitting.  Our bodies and minds likely cannot fight back because the media companies and the sitting-food companies that are targeting us know exactly how to manipulate us to spend more time sitting in front of screens, and more time buying and eating screen-food. They've hired scientists, researchers, marketings and behaviourlists, many with PhDs, to analyze the data they collect about us to get even better at hooking us into more screen time, and more screen food.

But we can break this vicious cycle and conspiracy against us and our health. All it takes is for us to start moving more. The more we move, the more our team's personal experience tells us that our bodies will want the healthy foods and reject the screen foods that are designed to manipulate and degrade us. 

That's what the Rocket 3-5-60 Diet is all about.  It is about standing up and moving for 60 second intervals throughout your day.  Start with 3 times, and move up to 5 times, or even more. Reward yourself with motion. Our experience is that your diet will fix itself. You'll actually want the healthier foods and the right quantities.

The key is to get regular 3-5-60 motion, meaning intervals of motion throughout your day. Start now, and you'll be on your way! Use a Rocket Rower to make it easy to get regular intervals of stand-up motion.