The Rocket 3-5-60 Challenge

Rocket 3-5-60 is our new Rocket Rower "motion challenge." 

The 3-5-60 stands for breaking up your day's sitting with 3 to 5 intervals of up to 60 seconds of motion.  In other words, the challenge is to, at least 3 to 5 times a day, get up and do stand-up Rocket Rowing for up to 60 seconds.

Think of each interval as a reward for something you've just done.  You sent an email, finished a document, posted to social media, called a friend, made a sales call, sent a resume, or made dinner plans.  Whatever it is, give yourself a reward of movement!

Let us know how you're doing.  Post to our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook pages.

We believe, that once you get in the hang of this for even a couple of days, it will become habit-forming.  You'll get more done, be happier and you'll look forward to your 60 second intervals with your Rocket Rower as a powerful way to have a better day.