1. Does exercise help you stay younger?

    Check out these articles!

2.  Who is the Rocket Rower for?

The Rocket Rower is first and foremost for anyone who wants cardio at their desk (or anywhere they want to use it).  It is that simple.  You don't need to be a rower or an exercise jock.  You only need to have a few seconds a few times a day, right where you are sitting.

The Rocket Rower is also great for many other contexts, such as warm-up exercises for skiers, and as a new fitness studio exercise regimen.

3.  Why did we design the Rocket Rower?

We needed more exercise, expecially cardio exercise.  We sit too much: in our cars, at our desks, in front of our screens (laptops, tvs, etc), around conference tables, in lecture halls and seminar rooms, on commutes and at dinners and sporting events and pubs.  Sitting helps us get lots of things done and have lots of time with friends and family. But it also has adverse health consequences.  Standing isn't always an option or a good alternative, and isn't a cardio fitness regimen.  And, standing for long periods also can have adverse health effects.  Going to the gym to exercise, or outside for sports and recreation is great and we encourage it.  But it isn't always possible, and some studies are suggesting that exercising at the beginning or end of a day does not make up for sitting all day.

We needed a solution.  First, we needed to get really good exercise.  Rowing is one of the best all-round exercises.  And, we're rowers, so we know it pretty well.  But, it can be hard to get out on a river to row, and rowing machines are big and expensive.  Also, it is more sitting.  And, the point was not to sit. 

Could we design a rowing machine that didn't involve sitting, and that was small and light and that was fun and easy?  Could it fit anywhere we wanted: beside a desk, in a dorm or living room (or any other room)?  Could it go around with us, or could we have one in all the places we wanted, so it was available all through our day?  Could it be much less expensive?  Could we use it for short exercise to take lots of short breaks from sitting so we were getting our systems moving and re-energizing our minds and bodies throughout our day. 

In other words, could we have our cake and eat it too? 

That's why we designed the Rocket Rower.

4.  Are there articles and studies on the health effects of sitting?

Yes, there are quite a few. 


Here's a quote from Runner's World: "The more you sit, the poorer your health and the earlier you may die, no matter how fit you are."  http://www.runnersworld.com/health/sitting-is-the-new-smoking-even-for-runners

Here are some more examples. 

Article:  What Are the Risks of Sitting Too Much

Article:  Too Much Sitting Linked to Heart Disease, Diabetes, Premature Death

Article: Sitting all Day is Even More Dangerous Than We Thought

Google Search for "sitting is the new smoking":  https://www.google.com/search?q=sitting+is+the+new+smoking&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8

Youtube Search for TED talks on sitting:  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ted+talks+sitting+ 

Book:  The One-Minute Workout: Science Shows a Way to Get Fit That's Smarter, Faster, Shorter

We are not affiliated with any of these, and we have not contacted them about us in any way.  These are just for information purposes, and are NOT intended to imply any kind of endorsement.  To become as well informed as possible, we recommend you research the health issues of sitting, standing and short duration exercise.

5.  Are there health benefits to doing lots of short duration exercise?

We believe there are, and that research supports it.  Some of the links above address exactly that point.

6.  What muscles does rowing exercise?

Rowing exercises a wonderful range of muscles throughout your body.  Check out our Pinterest board that has charts and diagrams that demonstrate this.

7.  How big is the Rocket Rower? 

The base is 16" W x 20" H, and the back legs make it 4" high at the back.

8.  How much does the Rocket Rower weigh?

It weighs about 7.5 lbs.  This gives it a good solid feeling and also keeps it easy to move around and carry.

9.  Why is the top surface inclined?

This is an important feature.  In rowing shells and on rowing machines, the platform for the feet is angled away from the body.  The core reason is that by inclining the foot away from the body, it makes it easier to have a deeper knee bend and a longer reach, which makes the rowing stroke longer.

With the feet angled a bit away from the body, it works with the foot/ankle/leg physiology to more easily allow a compression towards the feet at the beginning of the stroke and then press back through the motion of the stroke.

The most powerful part of a rowing stroke is right at the start (the point of deepest knee bend), and comes from the legs pushing straight through where the red dots are on the foot platform. 

The red dots are to indicate where the strongest point of pressure from your legs should go ... those are your rocket engines firing.

That's why this platform is so important.

10.  How easy is it to carry around?

It is very easy to carry ... a lot like carrying a briefcase or workout bag.

11.  How long are the resistance tubes?

The standard length is 5'.

Tie the resistance tube in a loop using a square knot.  Watch a quick video on how to tie a square knot: click here.  Depending on where you tie the knot, you can extend or shorten the loop so it is the best length for how long you want your rowing strokes.  A square knot makes it easier to untie and retie when you want.

If you are taller than 6 feet, you might want to get longer versions of the resistance tubes. 

12.  Why are the holes for the resistance tubes positioned and designed they way they are? 

The holes allow for easy swapping of different resistance tubes, and for changing the length of a tube.  Also, the holes are positioned a distance above the toes of the feet just as in a rowing shell where the oar handles should pull through a stroke at a height above the tops of the toes. 

13.  What is with the artwork?

The art is intended to be fun and creative, and to show where the feet should be placed.  The red dots are to indicate where the strongest point of pressure from your legs should go ... those are your rocket engines firing.

The artwork on each Rocket Rower may be slightly different and unique from all other Rocket Rowers, and will be slightly different from the images you see on this website.  You get a unique piece of art when you order your Rocket Rower.

14.  Is the Rocket Rower eco-friendly?

The Rocket Rower is made of wood, which makes it beautiful and easily recycled.  We believe wood also adds a lot of good mental well-being to our environments where we are frequently surrounded by metal, glass, plastics, concrete, tarmac and such.

15.  Where is the Rocket Rower made?

We conceived of and designed the Rocket Rower near Boston, MA.  We went through multiple designs and iterations of testing to get it to its simplest, cleanest form.  It is made for us by a wood shop located just outside of Boston, MA.

16.  Returns

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17.  Terms of use (of this website and our products)

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