Cardio at your Desk!


The Rocket Rower XSQ is designed to give you cardio at your desk.  Studies show that regular intervals of cardio motion are incredibly important to our health, and especially to offset the negative health impact of all the sitting that so many of us do.  

Rocket Rowers fit in almost any work space:  offices, cubicles, open work spaces, home offices, even car offices. 

Any time you finish anything (send an email, finish a spreadsheet, get off a call, come back from a meeting), reward yourself by stepping onto your Rocket Rower for a quick 30 or 60 second interval of cardio motion that re-energizes your mind and body!

Studies show productivity increases when employees get exercise DURING their work day.  Here's a case study by Reebok:

Reebok CEO on how important it is to improve corporate fitness through work-day fitness and related productivity

Employers can expense Rocket Rowers that they purchase for employee wellness.