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We are Clowd Foundry LLC, a design and innovation firm based near the Charles River that runs through Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts.  We provide design and innovation services, as well as designing and commercializing our own physical and software/app/cloud products. 

Our design philosophy is "design for emotion!"  If your design gets people truly pysched, then you're likely to have achieved what your goal was and your product adoption will follow.

You can learn more at www.clowd.us.

The story behind the Rocket Rower:  We realized that we sit way too much.  We've learned that sitting too much is very unhealthy, and very hard to undo just by exercising before or after a long day of sitting.  Standing more may help.  But, it isn't a short interval cardio fitness regimen.

All those factors combined to be the inspiration to invent the Rocket Rower, the unique stand-up rowing machine that is the world's first "at your desk" short interval cardio fitness time machine.  It is simple, small, powerful and fun.  Step on it anytime during as an antidote to sitting and to take yourself towards a younger you! 

The founder is Tim Higginson.  He rowed competitively for 6 years.  He has spent untold hours on traditional sit-down rowing machines.  In his free time, he scuplts wood (instagram: timbowhigginson).

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